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​​​​​​ ​​Core Essentials 2​​018-2019

September 2018: Initiative - Seeing what needs to be done and doing it.

Wear Kaki Wednesday, September 5th.

 October 2018: Contentment - Deciding to be happy with what you've got.

Wear Light Blue Wednesday, Oct. 3rd.

November 2018: Cooperation - Working together to do more than you can do alone.

Wear Russett (Reddish Brown) on Wednesday, November 7th.

December 2018: Compassion - Caring enough to do something about someone else's needs.

Wear Green Wednesday, Dec. 5th.

January 2019: Self-Control - Choosing to do what you should even when you don't want to.

Wear Yellow Wednesday, January 9th.

February 2019: Service - Lending a hand to help someone else

Wear Blue Wednesday, February 6th.

 March 2019: Individuality - Discovering who you are meant to be so you can make a difference.

Wear Orange Wednesday, March 6th.

April 2019: Hope - Believing that something good can come out of something bad.

Wear Purple Wednesday, April 3rd.

May 2019: Perseverance - Refusing to give up when life gets hard.

Wear Verdigris (Green Copper) Wednesday, May 1st.​


If you have questions about the Gifted and Talented Program, please email Mary Sherman, our GT Facilitator, at

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Parents of Students Enrolled in High School Credit Courses- A MUST READ!!!

As we approach the end of the semester, students who are struggling in high school credit courses should consider dropping BEFORE the semester exam. Katy ISD strongly recommends that students who cannot maintain a minimum semester average of 80 exit the course.

​Exit Guidelines for High School credit courses in Junior High:

If a student drops the course BEFORE the end of the first semester, then it will not count nor be recorded on the transcript. If the student finishes the first semester and drops the course before the end of the second semester, then his/her first semester grade counts as half-credit attempted and grade counts for GPA. The student must repeat the entire course in high school. Repeating a course will not replace the grade on a student's transcript. For example: A student who earns a C in a course in junior high can not repeat the course in high school​ to improve their GPA.

Also, state law (Texas Education Code 25.092) requires students to be in attendance at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered in order to gain high school credit. Students who have excessive absences are in jeopardy of losing their high school credit.

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District Grad Requirements- click here to see District requirements

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