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updated August 15, 2020

Dear PACE parents and students:

The first day of instruction for KISD students is Wednesday, August 19. We look forward to meeting students in Zoom.  All KISD students (KVA and in-person) will be learning in a virtual environment through Friday, September 4. Since all Miller classes are in-person only classes, all PACE students will attend in-person instruction at Miller Career & Technology Center beginning on Tuesday, September 8 during 6th and 7th periods.

  • 6th            1:05-1:51
  • 7th            1:55-2:40        
  • 2:40 End of day dismissal bell

Please read the previous updates as well. All information below is accurate. 


The PACE teachers

updated July 29, 2020

Dear PACE Parents:

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year. Our Katy ISD superintendent announced last week that all in-person instruction will be on-line (Intermittent School to Home) starting August 19 through September 4. All MCTC instruction will be provided online during this time. The date to begin  in-person instruction for PACE and AP Literature at Miller will be September 8. 

In the past, the PACE internship began in the 2nd six weeks; however, we have made the decision to postpone internships for the foreseeable future for the safety of all students. We have concerns about the spreading of COVID-19 from an internship back to the school. We will now focus on the IRP (Independent Research Project) during the first semester. Every student will need to secure a virtual mentor and request bi-weekly meetings with the mentor via video conferencing. Furthermore, during class, students will learn the necessary soft skills for professionals in every field. We are confident that every student will benefit from PACE as he/she will have the opportunity to explore his/her potential career and learn how to be an exceptional professional with polished transferable skills. We are planning to have face-to-face internship experiences at a later time this school year. 


The PACE teachers

updated July 17, 2020

Dear 2020-21 PACE students:

We know that you have been wondering what PACE will look like in the fall due to COVID-19. We have been waiting for the appropriate direction and guidance from our local and state administrations. With the information we just received, here is a rough outline of PACE in the fall so you can make decisions.

Attendance for MCTC

The district website for Smart Restart outlines the two choices that you have for learning: In-person (classroom) or Virtual Instruction (KVA); however, according to the district's FAQ page all "MCTC courses will be offered in-person only. Students may choose to attend their home school virtually or in-person for part of the day and MCTC in person." This means that PACE and the concurrent enrollment in AP Literature will be held in-person.


Mentor information

Unfortunately, for at least the first semester, you will not have the option to attend an internship and gain the hands-on, face-to-face experience with a professional that makes PACE so valuable. Due to the circumstances and for your own health, we had to change the focus of this course for at least the first semester. Every student will need to secure a virtual mentor in the industry that you are interested in. Your virtual mentor MUST

  1. Be a professional located in the Katy/Houston area.
  2. Be available for you to initiate bi-weekly (once every two weeks) communication via video conference.
  3. Be willing to walk you through project ideas and discuss industry-specific content via video conference.

The video conferencing is non-negotiable. This will allow you to practice professionalism virtually.


PACE student responsibilities

Every PACE student must

  1. Find his/her own virtual mentor.
  2. Have access to a video conferencing platform (Zoom, Teams, Adobe Connect, Google Meet).
  3. Provide your PACE teacher with the invites to your bi-weekly video conference meetings.
  4. Meet the deadline for finding your virtual mentor: August 21, 2020 (end of first week of school).
  5. Submit the contact information for your virtual mentor on the Google form.


PACE course content

In the first semester, we will focus on the independent research project (IRP). The IRP is a project that is focused on a topic that is specific for your intended career. Sometimes mentors give students an idea for a project; sometimes students create a project that fits their interests or satisfies their curiosity. What is most important is for you to develop a creative project that you are truly interested in and will help you gain insight into your potential career. In previous years, PACE students worked on the IRP side-by-side with mentors during the internship in a process that began in the second semester. This year, the entire IRP will be developed and finished in the first semester. Be aware that your project must be completely original. Your teacher will work with you on the IRP development once school begins.

In the second semester, our sincere hope is that you would be able to attend an internship. Again, this is our hope, but we cannot guarantee anything as everything remains fluid.


Attendance for MCTC

For in-person learning, you will arrive at Miller Career & Technology Center at the beginning of 6th period at approximately 1:05 pm and will stay until the end of the day at 2:40 pm. The classes will still be blocked (see website for PACE class schedule), so you will be either in your PACE classroom or your AP Lit classroom. During the PACE class, you will be working on the IRP.


We are excited to get to know you this year. Let's make the best of this situation during the first semester, and let's be hopeful that you can have an internship in the second semester.



Mrs. Paulus and Mrs. Green

PACE teachers

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