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RAE Challenge (Gifted and Talented)

Linda Twiggs and Olivia Watson, Teachers

Challenge 2019-2020: RAE GT GRAET

Challenge provides students who are identified as gifted and talented an opportunity to explore a curriculum beyond the everyday classroom. Each year our gifted and talented department selects an area of focus.


Challenge students spend one entire day in the Challenge classroom.  They return to their homeroom classroom for specials.  A typical day consists of warm-up activities to get them thinking, teachers' instruction and independent thinking time and computer lab time, as needed.  Work done in the regular classroom does not need to be completed on the day they attend Challenge, but they are expected to complete any homework assignments.

Students' assessments will be included on their report card.



This year our theme is INNOVATION and our three units of study are TECHNOLOGY, MEDICINE AND LAW. We will spend approximately 10 weeks on each unit. 



Students will understand that throughout history humans have developed innovative technology in response to real or anticipated needs resulting in both benefits and challenges for individuals and society. The students will learn about how technological innovations arise in response to a need, understand how the microchip has revolutionized inventions and led to the Information Age,  analyze a technological advancement from a historical perspective and identify strategies used to develop or revise all aspects of technology.


Students will explore innovations in medicine that have changed our understanding and treatment of the human body. Students will describe the parts and function of major body systems and organs, investigate the causes, treatments, and prevention of major diseases such as heart disease,  describe the ways in which medical innovations such as new medications have been developed and improved, explore the principles of genetics including DNA, human genome, dominant and recessive traits.


Students will examine how laws are enacted and enforced in response to society's need to protect social order and individual rights. The students will examine the principles of the Constitution such as checks and balances, separation of powers, individual rights and limited government,  investigate issues that result in Constitutional amendments, understand how laws are created in response to a need, understand the legislative process by which a bill becomes a law, understand the judicial process through a mock trial or case study.

​​Interested in the Challenge Program?

For information about screening for the Challenge program, including the screening calendar and parent checklists, please click on the link on the right for the District GT/Advanced Academics website.

Transfer Students Eligible For Gifted/Talented Screening

A transfer student may be screened for the GT program upon enrollment if the student was identified for the GT program in the previous school.  Documentation of prior GT identification must be provide, such as an acceptance letter for the previous GT program or a report card which shoes GT service.  All other transfer students may be referred for GT screening during the general screening window for possible service​ next school year.  ​


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