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Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice

​​​​​Law & Public Service Cluster

Program of Study: Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice I

8970V Law Enforcement I (1 credit taken-concurrently with Court Systems & Practices) Grades: 11-12

8972V Court Systems & Practices (1 credit taken-concurrently with Law Enforcement I) Grades: 11-12

Students will investigate the history and philosophy of criminal justice in Law Enforcement I. They will experience real world scenarios through a Judgement and Use of Force simulator, analyze crime scenes and practice traffic stops while learning about criminal law. In Court Systems & Practices, students will participate in mock trials while exploring the structure of the American court system, right to counsel, prosecution, types and rules of evidence, and sentencing.  

Criminal Justice II​

8976V Law Enforcement II (1 credit-taken concurrently with Criminal Investigations)

Grade: 12

Prerequisite: Law Enforcement I and Court Systems & Practices

8984V Criminal Investigations (1 credit-taken concurrently with Law Enforcement II)

Grade: 12

Prerequisite: Law Enforcement I and Court Systems & Practices

Students will further their knowledge in Law Enforcement II as they dive into the impact, crime trends and theories related to the cause of crime. They will learn about the Search and Seizure process, as well as how interview and interrogation processes work. In Criminal Investigations, students will learn terminology and procedures related to investigating crime scenes. They will study evidence collection, fingerprinting and courtroom presentation through case studies and simulated crime scenes. Finally, students will gain experience collecting and analyzing bodily fluids, hairs, fibers, shoe and tire impressions, bite marks, blood spatter, firearms and ammunition, and other types of evidence.

8985V Practicum in Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security (2 credits) Grade: 12 

Prerequisite: Law Enforcement I and Court Systems & Practices

Note: Students must provide their own transportation

This course provides supervised practical application of previously studied knowledge and skills in law, public safety, corrections, and security. Practicum experiences may occur in a variety of locations appropriate to the nature and level of proficiency. This course is a capstone experience for students participating in a coherent sequence of career and technical education courses in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Career Cluster.

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Why take Criminal Justice, and what type of experience will students gain?

The criminal justice field includes a wide range of post-secondary options in not only law enforcement but public safety, corrections, security and public service. Our students have the opportunity to explore various avenues throughout their first year in Criminal Justice I. Hands-on lab time includes experiencing real world scenarios through the Judgement and Use of Force simulator and beginning to understand state and federal laws through mock trials. Students will also be introduced to proper procedures for analyzing crime scenes. During the second year, students can potentially learn more about a specific area within criminal justice through a nonpaid internship.

What types of jobs can you do in the field of Criminal Justice?

  • Police Officer
  • FBI/CIA Agent
  • U.S. Marshal
  • Probation Officer
  • Border Patrol Agent
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Court Reporter
  • Victim's Advocate

Can you earn a certification while taking Criminal Justice at MCTC?

While there is not currently a certification available for this course, students will gain hands-on experience within the criminal justice field while participating in various activities. Students who take Practicum in Law have the opportunity to gain field experience through potential job shadowing within the industry.

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TEA District"A"  Rating
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