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  • Film

Arts, Audio Video Technology, & Communications Career Cluster

Program of Study: Digital Communications

8005V Film I-Advanced Audio Video Production (two credits) Grades 11-12

This course is designed to provide training for entry-level employment and post high school studies in movie, video and television production careers. Students receive instruction in different types of cameras, linear editing, and film production using After Effects, Photoshop, and a heavy emphasis in Adobe Premiere. Students will learn about film history, how to write scripts, develop storyboards, produce, direct, and edit short films. Students have an opportunity to work on and submit to the state UIL Film competition.

8035V Film II (two credits) Grades: 12

Prerequisite: Film I-Advanced Audio Video Production

Film II students receive advanced instruction in the operation of different types of cameras, editing, color correction, lighting, Foley, and special effects. With a main emphasis on filmmaking, students will be submitting films to vaious film competitions.

Why take Film courses at MCTC, and what type of experience will students gain?

With the world leaning on technology more often than not, it is critical to be a step ahead of others in the industry in order to stay competitive. Miller Film Academy provides students both college and industry level knowledge so that they are prepared for post-secondary opportunities. The course instructor, Mrs. Thompson, has a vast video production background and is still active within the Film industry. Her experiences and the hands-on lab time for students during class will teach current standards using industry level software.

What types of jobs can you do in the Film industry?

Two of the biggest routes a student can choose from are the live production route or the flimmaking route. Below is a list of potential post-secondary job options.Lambs7.jpg

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Replay Tech
  • Storyboard Artist
  • SFX Artist

Can you earn a certification while taking advanced Fil Courses at MCTC?

Yes. During the second semester, students will have the opportunity to receive their Adboe Certification in Adobe Premiere.


Students enrolled in either the MCTC Digital Audio or Film courses have the opportunity to train, and if successful, to work as a member of the Live Action Media Broadcast System (LAMBS) crew which operates the video board at Rhodes and Legacy stadiums in Katy ISD. These students apply to be part of the crew for each football game to run the five live-action cameras and control functions such as instant replay, commercials, and splash video graphics. They may even serve as Technical Director. 

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