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  • OKE PE

​​Welcome to PE in the Outback!

The Physical Education Staff welcomes you and your child to Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary School. Our plans are to improve your child’s knowledge and skills, as well as encourage him/her to develop and maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to make every child feel successful. With your support, we will have a terrific year!


Our promise in PE is that:  The children at OKE will be involved in an open participation in physical activities which will provide a fun and enriched environment that will benefit them physically and socially throughout life.

Your OKE PE Coaches

  Coach Brown, Coach Butler and Coach D'Andrea





Grades are determined by the following guidelines:

PE Grade:  A student's PE grade is based upon the participation/performance they show during a nine week period.  Each time a student has to sit out for dress code offenses, the student's name will be documented and the student will be asked to walk around the gym for the entire class period.  After three offenses a note will  be sent home.  Upon a fourth offense or thereafter his/her grade will  be affected. 

PE Conduct Grade:  PE conduct grades are based on the exact same guidelines as in the classroom.  Criteria are as follows:

S=0-4 marks   N=5-6 marks   U=7 or more marks

Doctor's Notes

If your child needs to be excused from active participation, send a note to our staff specifying the illness or injury and the number of days you wish your child to be excused.  The district policy states that the inability to participate in PE for more than 10 calendar days MUST be accompanied by a note from your doctor.  A follow-up note from your doctor is required to release your child to participate again if there are no limits to his/her active participation. If your child is excused from actively participating, he/she will  also sit out at recess for the same duration he/she is missing PE activities.


 Dress Code

At Kilpatrick, we believe that safety is most important!  For this reason, athletic shoes that are totally enclosed tie shoes with rubber soles and full support around the heel are required.  Children will be allowed to change shoes if necessary. 

Flip flops, boots, open toed sandals, dress shoes, cleats, heelys, fashion tennis shoes (Toms, Keds, Sperrys), shoes with felt on the bottom and shoes with a strap across the back are hazardous and therefore NOT permissible. 
Examples can be found here.

Girls must wear shorts under their dresses for various activities as well.  Long dresses and skirts are not recommended for PE days as they could hinder movement.

Your child's safety is a priority and we know you will help us, help them make safe dress code choices for PE.


    Mandatory Student Fitness Training

Governor Perry recently signed Senate Bill 530 implementing required physical fitness evaluations for public school students in 3rd through 12th grades.  The State has mandated the use of the Cooper Institute FITNESSGRAM as the state's tool for evaluation. 

The components of testing will be: cardio-respiratory endurance, body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

Your child will be receiving information concerning their testing schedule from the campus. The results of the physical fitness evaluations will not impede grade point average, grade placement, graduation, or campus ratings.  The evaluation of health fitness criteria will be used to encourage progress towards reaching the optimum health fitness zone.  You will find answers to frequently asked questions by referring to the following website:

Kilpatrick Koala's have completed their FitnessGram Testing and results will be sent into the district in order to send into the state.  As well, parents and students will receive a detailed report along with their final report card of the year.


Kindergarten Goal for PE

​​Learn how to tie their own shoes.
For the 1st semester of the year, we will have shoe tie stations as they enter the gym but, once Winter Break has passed, we will no longer have those stations and the students are responsible for tying their own shoes.  First grade is then right around the corner and we want them well prepared for first grade.​


TEA District"A"  Rating
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